Headshot Portrait


Whether you are an aspiring model, actor, musician or run your own business, you should have a great headshot. The effect of having a good quality professional headshot should not be underestimated, especially one showing a friendly approachable person. With e-commerce you become the face of your business and your customers can easily see who they are working with. The uses for a headshot are many – prints, blogs, websites, flyers to name but a few.




Who wants a headshot ?

Any member of society wanting a headshot for their social media presence. Many want to portray themselves as best as possible with a photograph which will be used to add to their on-line dating profile. Actors and Models looking to create a professional headshot to send to agencies. Many are companies who want to display portraits of their key members of staff in a reception area - 'to put a name to a face'.

How many people can be accommodated ?

We shoot individuals at our studio or will visit your premises and photograph as many people as you wish using our portable studio gear.

What do you wear for a headshot ?

What to wear entirely depends on you. We recommend bringing a few accessories, such as necklaces, earings, scarves, hats and any headgear that you wish to include. A headshot is usually from the shoulders upwards and can be cropped as loosely or as tightly as desired. Check eyebrows, lipstick, beards and small details as they will stand out when having a headshot. A headshot is about your personality and how you look naturally, so retouching is kept to a minimum to show how you look in person.


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